Football Head Jig

These football heads will accommodate you favorite bait and let you work it across the rockiest lake bottom. The...

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Swing Impact Paddle Tail Swimbait

The Keitech Swing Impact is a proven Tournament winner. These versatile swimbaits come in three sizes to match...

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Dressed Treble Hooks

These dressed trebles are the perfect addition to a top water, jerk bait, or blade bait. All Castle Baits’...

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“ScrewBall” Weights

The secret is out. These weights will make any bait “come to life”. Make your plastic craw assume a “defensive”...

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Finesse Drop Shot Weights

Castle Baits offers you the drop shot weight to suit your fishing needs. You can be sure that line twist will be...

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Tungsten Weights

Tungsten Weights with and without inserts

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Blade Baits

Castle Baits’ Blade Baits are all new designs that are powder coated and 99% chip proof. All blade baits use...

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Live Impact

The Live Impact is a Ringed Body, Fork Fin tail, floating worm loaded with Keitech’s Strong Squid scent. ...

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Quake-N-Shake Jigs

Castle Baits recently created a new knocking type bait. These are high quality “Old School” knocking...

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