Fat Swing Impact 3.3
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Fat Swing Impact 3.3


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Product Description

Keitech’s newest addition to the Fat Swing Impact series is the 3.3″ Fat. The 3.3″ Fat Swing Impact adds a new dimension to the most successful swim bait line in history.

The Fat 3.3” is an excellent choice for Super Round jig head rig. Try adding a drop shot hook about 15″ above your Super Round and nose hook a secnd 3.3″ Fat. This makes a killer double rig! You can cover lots of water in a hurry. It’s a natural for the Alabama rig, giving the angler another option to “Match the Hatch”. It is also sized perfectly for a Jig or Chatterbait trailer. The options are endless


The Fat Swing 3.3” come 7 to a Blister Pack.

Features Include

  • Remarkable swimming action
  • Custom Keitech 2-tone color process
  • Perfectly balanced Never rolls over
  • Swims perfectly at any speed
  • Strong Squid Scent

Additional Information

Keitech Color

001 Black, 101 Green Pumpkin, 102 Watermelon Pepper, 400 AYU, 414 Green Pumpkin Shiner, 416 Silver Flash, 417 Gold Flash, 418 Bluegill Flash, 426 Sexy Shad, 429 Tennessee Shad, 431 Silver Shiner, 432 Male Perch, 433 Pro Staff Special, 436 Black Shad, 438 Green Pumpkin Fire, 439 Rainbow Shad, 420 Pro Blue Red Pearl, 205 Bluegill, 309 Sahara Olive, 320 Silver Shad, 422 Sight Flash, 424 Lime Chartreuse, 440 Electric Shad, 450 Electric Blue & Chartruese, 451 Dark Sculpin, 452 Smallmouth Magic, 453 Houdini, 454 Sun Gill, 455 Electric Pumpkin Shad, 456 Electric Watermelon Shad, 457 Baby Bass, 321 Gold Shad, 323 Baby Ayu, 401 Green Pumpkin Chartreuse, 410 Crystal Shad, US 12 Sexy Violet