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The Keitech Mad Wag is a soft plastic worm featuring an over-sized curl tail design that exhibits an incredible action big bass can’t resist. The designer witnessed bass seeking out refuge in clumps of grass, often burying themselves in the dense cover where they waited to ambush their prey. In order to garner the attention of those bass a presentation with a lot action and water displacement was in order – yet the bait must possess a great deal of weedless – the result; the Mad Wag. The Mad Wag is constructed from a soft plastic in the body and a thicker density plastic in the tail in order to achieve the greatest action at the slowest possible speeds. The Mad Wag’s weedless nature is derived from the ribbed body and a custom rigging system called PGS, or point guard system. This design keeps the hooks point guarded by the ribs, yet remains free to penetrate the fish’s jaw upon hook set.

7″ in size and come in 6 packs



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